Marketing & Sales

Below you find our pre-defined tasks. All tasks is performed by vetted experts pre negotiated, pre structured and no surprises.
Why WirelessWorkforces
  • Specialists who perform each task
  • Pay only per completed task 
  • Free advice and planning
  • Scale up or down as needed
  • Increased quality
  • Simple budgeting
  • No prior knowledge is required for ordering
  • Cost effective 
What is:
Marketing & Sales
Marketing is a simple concept.
Activities you as an organization perform to capture the interest of potential customers.

Evaluating the results is often just as easy, the profits from these activities need to cover all expenses. But it is when you introduce the auction-based advertising market that characterizes digital marketing today, best exemplified by Facebook and Google, that complexity begins to emerge.

For whom are the activities that should capture interest? Which customers are most receptive to your message? What is your message? Where should you market yourself? Which time horizon should you have in your marketing?

We are here to help you put a plus sign on your results line and we only charge after the completion of tasks so that you always know what you are paying for.

Where to advertise
What is driving sales for you today? Where do customers drop off your funnel today? The first step to increasing conversion is to understand why it looks like it does today and break down your current flow into its components and evaluate the components both individually but also in relation to each other.

An example of a normal flow is e.g. to build an interest in your service or products through different channels, provide customers with value and then present an offer via your own channels or via targeted marketing whose goal is to take the potential customer to a landing page and then through a buying process.

After each part of the funnel, there will be fewer and fewer potential customers left and the result of the first step to increase the conversion will be to know where in the funnel most focus should be directed and what activities the focus should result in.

Flexible Marketing Department
We have gathered the best specialists on the market and let them perform the very tasks they perform best. For example, if you have located a high expected return on content createn, we can allocate the specialists who are best at creating content for your industry, regardless of whether they are about 1 or 1000 pages of content. And you only pay for completed tasks.

Our wideness also means that for this example we could translate the content into more languages, adjust the content to fit in all your channels and contact influencers and publications to highlight the content. So that you get as much as possible out of your activities.
Let us help
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