Microsoft Ads

Track Microsoft Ads performance
We install Microsoft Ads tracking through Google Tag Manager on your site

This allows you to track pageviews, add to cart and purchases made through Microsoft Ads ads, also formerly known as Bing Ads.

We also have the opportunity to add up to 3 customized tracking. It can e.g. can be used if you want to track when a form has been filled out or when a visitor who came through Microsoft Ads has reached a certain step in your checkout.

After completing the order, we will contact you for planning so that we have understood you correctly and to find out if there is anything special we need to relate to. How big a market share does Bing have?
Measure the performance of your ads
See the results in Microsoft Ads
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Wireless review
Is Bing used?
Bing has more than 1 billion views every month
How big a market share does Bing have?
Bing has a market share of just over 2.71% in 2021
Delivery Time
3 Days


Track Microsoft Ads Conversions
Track Microsoft Ads Add to cart
Track Microsoft Ads page views
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